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Lifestyle Medicine

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patient monitoring & coaching


Engaging Patients

as partners in their health


Rendering clinical care

into wellness actions

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Professional Wellness Programs

Designed for health professionals by health professionals with extensive clinical, research, and academic experience. Health Elements provides ONE resource for all the tools and knowledge to meet the wellness challenge of today.

Advanced Software Technology

A Comprehensive and personal online and mobile based systems that offers practical and advanced tools such as nutrition management, medication and dietary supplement management, fitness planning, progress tracking, and e-health coaching.

Engaging Behavioral

Health Elements is based on a sophisticated neuroscience program that optimizes patients choices and behavior on a daily basis that is reported back to the health professional to maximize health outcomes.

Science-Based Health Products

Safety, Efficacy at an affordable price, the HE formulary of products has been designed to align with the protocols and information within the platform, for simplicity and convenience.